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There are two types of event you can create:
  • Data capture   To be used when you want to instantly capture any type of data and information including the registration of new candidates/delegates/attendees.
  • Guest-list check-in   To be used when you are running an event that requires delegates to ‘check-in’ on arrival. There are two options within this event type that both allow you ask additional questions after the delegate has checked-in or signed-up.
Login to your existing Gocollate account and select the "Settings" link from the left navigation. Select "Change Password" link from the navigation. Enter the current password and the new password. Save the changes that you have applied. Use the new password for future logins.
Gocollate is a promotional tool to help you sell out your event! Easily gain presence in search engines, easy integration with social media. Gocollate is a platform to connect with attendees and track the performance of your promotional efforts all through Gocollate.
Gocollate lets you design a custom event registration page or data capture page and sell tickets or accept registrations online in less than 2 minutes. No downloads, set up fees, or monthly fees.
You can collect information from all your attendees when they register, either online or on-site. Information can be anything it is optional or required, and Gocollate provides you facility to create your own custom questions for attendees to answer. From your manage event page, So just collect any kind of information from attendees like name , dob, addresses, work information, ages, and more.
When you login to your account select event tab from left navigation, select "View events". Select "Create Event" option. You will find two options to capture the data. Create Data Capture forms and Run your Guest list
Select "Run your Guest list".
  • Enter the event details and select "continue".
  • Gocollate will provide you a sample excel sheet. Import it.
  • Enter the guest details and upload it.
  • You can View guest list, add new guests, send invitations
Once you upload the guest list, Gocollate will automatically send the invitaions to those whose entries are dropped in the excel sheet you enter. Perhaps, if you have not included any name(s), you may later add new name(s) from the option "Add Guest".
When you to Manage Event section, go to "Customize your form" option to customize it, or else, go to "Quick forms" to use ready available forms.
  • Add Field. You will be provided a tool of form fields, here, you may drop the fields you want for your event.
  • Field Settings. You can change the field name, control options, required field to the selected control.
  • Form Settings. Here, you can customize theme with:
    • Upload logo
    • Select background color or upload background image.
    • Select background color for header.
    • Select field text color, title color.
  • When you create a new event, fill up the event details.
  • Now you can preview your form, generate it, send it to the customers.
Gocollate offers you 4 different packages on monthly and annual basis:
  • Check all the price details here
  • Standard  This version will allow you to send invitaions upto 30 members per month.
  • Silver  This version will allow you to send invitaions upto 50 members per month.
  • Gold  This version will allow you to send invitaions upto 90 members per month.
  • Custom  This version will allow you to send invitaions as per the member count you want. The charges are applied according by month or annual basis. Check out the pricing details.

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