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Gocollate is an innovative application which can be put to use for multiple requirements. If data collection is on your mind, Gocollate is what you need. With its user friendly GUI and on the finger tips tools, it is just the apt solution for all the data acquisition requirements.


Exhibitions are the hotspots for data collection. It is one place where one can find huge number of likeminded people, under one roof. If an exhibition is for limited number of people, the host can send in the data collection forms in advance as registration forms. This will give a clear idea about the attendees, plus the host can easily come up with a guest list.

Similarly, at open exhibitions, data forms can be filled in by the attendees then and there, which will help the organizers build up a data base of interested candidates, as well as make a live feed of the kind of people attending the event.

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Any business can use a tactically designed data form to capture the details of the customers who walk in. This information can be taken in any form. Some of the best examples are the feedback form, rate my store form, etc. Once a business has the customer details, it can be used to send time to time updates through offers and newsletters.

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Job Fair

Job fairs are huge arrangements that have data capturing and storing at the core of all the processes. These arrangements are usually visited by unimaginable number of people and finding the right candidate amongst them becomes an impossible task for a participating company.

When a job fair is organized, the main agenda is to look for candidates with a particular qualification for multiple vacancies. Sometimes, a company comes forth with multiple positions as well. Imagine the uphill task they will face when gathering information of so many prospective candidates, for multiple positions.

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Party/ VIP Events

A party or a VIP event is generally an affair that needs a lot of planning. From making a guest list to making proper sitting arrangements, the whole affair needs a lot of data. And this is where Gocollate comes into the picture.

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Companies can use data to simplify a lot of their processes. Imagine the launch of a product. Here, a well designed data collection form can gather vital information for the product’s company. Like, they can ask the attendees to fill in a feedback form of the product, which will help them improve the product. Also, they can use the contact details of the customer to update them about the product and convert them into a customer through proper marketing.

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Gocollate is a powerful tool for conducting surveys. With data acquisition at its core, this application is complete in itself. And the best part is, you do not have to be a pro to use Gocollate. It comes with a very user friendly GUI, which enables the user to make efficient forms.

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